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Hello, welcome! I'm Amanda.

My favorite days are the ones fully and deliberately lived; when you smile so much your face hurts and your feet are dirty from hours spent running around outside.

I love exploring new places off the beaten path. I love yoga and I especially love yoga when it's practiced outside.

I'm a yoga teacher, hiker and all around outdoor enthusiast.  You can probably find me in a tent somewhere contemplating the beautiful ordinary. 

I love sharing my adventures and insights with the world, so I make new videos on YouTube every week. There are yoga classes, mediation videos, mandala drawing challenges and tips for camping and backpacking.

There's my favorite camping breakfast recipe, a short yoga class for after hiking, and behind the scenes videos of my adventures outside.

Creating and sharing these videos with you is one of my greatest joys.

In addition to resources for all your outdoor adventures and creative longings, I have videos about ways to get beyond fear and flow with the uncertainties of life.

I'm a huge fan of The Work of Byron Katie, which is the core of my daily inquiry practice. It's a practical and logical way to get beyond those annoying thoughts and feelings holding you back. This has been a total game-changer for me.

There's no bullshit woo-woo fluffy nonsense here! Just practical thoughts from the trail that you can apply right away to experience more peace.

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I'm so happy you're here! I hope you find this website full of valuable resources and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment under a video or send me an email!

xo Amanda