Great Basin National Park Trip Guide

Great Basin National Park - in short, it’s beautiful.

I went to Great Basin National Park a couple weeks ago and I was SO pleasantly surprised.

In this video, I’m happy to share what we did and some advice I have if you’re interested in planning a trip there.

We arrived on a Friday night in mid-September. After a night of car camping, we got up in the morning and headed out for a 1 night backpacking trip.

Backpacking is one of my favorite ways to experience a national park and this trip was spectacular. We hiked up to Baker Lake for the night and then continued the loop hike down to Johnson Lake and back to the car the following day.

The hike was strenuous and long, but the Fall colors on the mountainside made it all worth it. (You’ll see clips in the video below!)

After the backpacking trip, we took a tour of Lehman Caves - again, spectacular and something that you definitely need to do if you go the Great Basin. I give some details on how to get tickets in the video.

Lastly, we took an afternoon hike to the Bristlecone Pine grove to walk amongst the 5,000 year old trees!!

If you want beautiful scenery and less crowds, check out my Great Basin National Park Trip Guide.

The entire trip is in the vlog below!


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