3 Healthy and Easy Oatmeal Recipes for Backpacking

On my YouTube channel, I posted a poll asking everyone what they liked to eat for breakfast in the backcountry.

Oatmeal was the top response.

I totally understand why - it’s light, easy to pack, warm on a cold mountain morning, and doesn’t take long to prepare.

But if you backpack a lot, the store-bought packets and flavors can get boring.

They’re also full of artificial flavors and processed sugar - things I prefer to avoid if possible.

So I hit the bulk section of the grocery store, and then got in my kitchen to experiment with my own oatmeal recipes that were more nutrient dense.

When you’re out hiking, you want an easy backcountry breakfast that tastes good and gives you plenty of energy!

Easy Backcountry Breakfast Ideas | Amanda Outside #backpacking

The backpacking oatmeal recipes below will do just that. Not only are they full of flavor, they’re also customizable.

Don’t like walnuts? Swap in pecans. Don’t like bananas? Swap in mango. Create a breakfast you’ll look forward to!

Watch the video below to see how I prepare 3 healthy and easy backcountry breakfast oatmeal recipes.

For the recipes written out with STEP BY STEP instructions, click below to download my FREE 16-page Backcountry Breakfast Cookbook! ⬇️

What are some of your favorite backpacking breakfast meals? Questions? Comment below!

see you out there ✌️


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3 Easy Oatmeal Recipes for Backpacking | Amanda Outside
3 Super Easy Backpacking Oatmeal Recipes | Amanda Outside #backpacking #campfood
3 Delicious Oatmeal Recipes for Backpacking | Amanda Outside