7 Solo Hikes in 7 Days [VLOG]

Back in April, I quit my full-time job in a laboratory to pursue my dreams of running my own business. Crazy, right?!

The past few years I worked really hard on my YouTube channel in my free time. That didn’t leave much time to blog and build up this website the way I wanted.

So I finally took the leap way before I had everything figured out, and the past few months have been exciting, scary, stressful, and fulfilling.

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I love what I do. Making videos has turned into one of my greatest joys, and every single week I try to bring you better and better videos full of content that’s entertaining and informational.

I also started making better and more in-depth blog posts to go along with each video. I really want this website to be your go-to resource for outdoor adventure tips and inspiration.

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to blogging. I feel confident in my understanding of YouTube, but blogging is a whole other world that I’m determined to get better at.

I started taking notes on all the things I’m doing - maybe it will be helpful one day. At the very least, it’s helpful for me to see how far I’ve come and to be proud of the effort and growth overtime. Because let me tell you, this whole run-your-own-business thing is a roller coaster.

7 Hikes in 7 Days - by Amanda Outside. This photo is taken by  Nick Roush Photography.

Anyway, the reason that I’m telling you all this is because I did less traveling, hiking, and backpacking this Summer than I have in past years. I really wanted to give this business thing my full focus for a year and see what happens, so I just had to stay home a little more to get things done.

That’s how this whole “7 Hikes in 7 Days” video idea came about!

Since, like most people, I spend a lot of time working, I wanted to see what it would take for me to fit in a hike every day of the week.

I was also curious how I would feel at the end - would I feel tiered and overwhelmed, or would I feel more focused and energized?

You can see for yourself in the vlog below:

Hiking everyday was so so good for me. I felt more focused on the work I did do, and the exercise and fresh air was so good for stress management - just some of the reasons I love spending time outdoors (and a big reason I have this blog).

Every time that I finish a hike I always feel so dang proud of myself!

Hiking can be physically challenging - even if you do it a lot! It feels good to climb that mountain, climb up that steep section, go to places you cannot drive to, and notice all the beauty around you.

I hope you enjoyed this video and that it inspires you to get outside for a hike this Fall. The Fall is such a beautiful time to be outside.

See you out there,