7 Tips for Beginner Backpackers

If you’ve seen the incredible backcountry photos, watched some backpacking trip vlogs, and decided that you must try it out for yourself, then watch the video below!

This video is PACKED with 7 tips that beginner backpackers NEED to know.

Trust me, I’ve learned a lot from my mistakes, and wish I had this info when I started backpacking.

After watching this video, you’ll feel more confident and prepared to get into the backcountry!

7 Tips for Beginner Backpackers:



1. Pick an easy route.

This is not the time to go on some multi-day trip with huge elevation gains and long distances. Try doing just one night and choosing a route that’s an easy to moderate distance for you.

Also, pick a popular route that has a lot of hikers coming in and out, incase you need some support.

Lastly, make sure your route has a water source so you can use your filter to get more water for your meals and the rest of your trip.

2. Be prepared to navigate.

Research your trip beforehand and have a route planned before you leave. Then, when you’re out on the trail, be prepared to navigate.

Make sure you have at least a map and a compass that you know how to use.

If you’re using a GPS, make sure you’re familiar with how to use it, and have a backup plan incase the GPS fails, breaks, or you accidentally drop it in a river.

Know where you’re going and roughly how long the distance is. 

3. Go with someone who has backpacking experience. 

It can be very helpful to go with someone who has some backpacking experience.

Having another person with you can help reduce any first trip anxiety. However, you still need to help plan, pack, and navigate.

 4. Know how to use your gear.

Please don’t buy a bunch of new gear, pack it, and then try to figure out how to use it when you need it. 

For example, don’t buy a water filter and try to use it for the first time when you’re out in the backcountry and need to filter water. 

If you’re using new gear, take the time to read the manual, set it up in the house or yard, and learn how it works before your trip. 

5. Check the weather and pack for it.

Check the weather before your trip, but know that weather is often unpredictable in the mountains and can change very quickly!

Make sure you bring extra clothing and rain gear to protect yourself.

The sun is powerful, especially in the desert, so make sure you have ways to protect yourself from the sun.

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Lastly, don’t be afraid to cancel your trip if the weather is going to be crappy all weekend. Trust me, it’s not the most fun to huddle in your tent all weekend because it’s rainy and cold.

6. Tell someone where you’re going, and when you’re expected to be back. 

This is important.

It’s a good idea to leave an itinerary with a friend and a copy of that itinerary in your car.

7. Pack when you’re relaxed.

Take your time, lay out all your gear and pack slowly.

Don’t get to the trailhead and pack quickly because you’re excited to start hiking.

Take your time so you can feel confident and organized when you start your hike. 

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There you go - top tips for your first backpacking trip!

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see you out there ✌️


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Top Tips for Beginner Backpackers | Amanda Outside
7 Tips for Beginner Backpackers (that you NEED to know)
New to backpacking? Check out these 7 tips for beginner backpackers.