Arizona Backpacking Trip [VIDEO]

Arizona has some incredible hiking and backpacking opportunities.

I recently went on an epic Arizona backpacking trip that involved a lot of water!

Since desert hiking can be HOT, it was nice to find a trail that had some water.

It was April when we went, and believe it or not, I actually got cold!

This great backpacking trip in Arizona started by hiking to a popular cliff-jumping spot called The Crack.

I REALLY don’t like jumping into water from high places.

You can see just how much I dislike it in the video below: 😱

Hiking to ‘The Crack’ at Wet Beaver Canyon:

Our backpacking trip started with a hike to a place called ‘The Crack’ at Wet Beaver Canyon.

This is a very popular day hike in Arizona. Not only is it a beautiful hike, but there’s also cold clear water to swim in and a cliff to jump off of (if you’re into that sort of thing).

To hike to ‘The Crack’, start at the Bell Trailhead. There’s a pit toilet at the trailhead, and no fee to park. The hike is about 3.5 miles each way.

Bring your swimsuit, snacks, plenty of drinking water, and a towel so that you can hang out for a bit once you get there.

It’s such a fun Arizona hiking trip!

Backpacking in Arizona - Amanda Outside

Our Backpacking Trip in Arizona:

This is where things got interesting for us on our backpacking trip.

Most people stop at ‘The Crack’.

Nick and I wanted to adventure further up the canyon so we packed our backpacking gear.

The rest of our trip was not on any defined trail, and therefore, I don’t have any recommendations about what route to take and where to camp.

Arizona Backpacking Trip - Amanda Outside

We traveled up canyon, climbing over fallen trees, avoiding poison ivy, swimming through deep long pools of water with our packs on, and climbing up and over huge sand and debris mounds.

After a few hours of that, we climbed up the canyon wall to find a place to camp that Nick knew about beforehand. (He did this backpacking trip with friends a few years prior.)

If he didn’t know a campsite was there, I never would have known!

You can’t see anything above when you’re in the canyon and there’s no path.

The hike was exhausting, but so incredible! We didn’t see any other people the whole time.

If you attempt a trip like this, please please do your research and have a plan before you go!

I didn’t see a single camp site in the canyon, and there no trails or landmarks to follow.

There’s no cell service on the trail or in the canyon either.

Arizona Backpacking - Amanda Outside

Backpacking in Arizona is an adventure for sure!

Hopefully this video inspires you to plan a trip of your own.

I highly recommend day hiking to ‘The Crack’. It’s an awesome hike!

see you out there ✌️


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Hiking 'The Crack' in Arizona - Amanda Outside
Arizona backpacking trip with lots of water - Amanda Outside
One of the great day hikes in Arizona is called 'The Crack'.