Backpacker Food Ideas - What I Eat In A Day Backpacking

If you're wondering what the heck to eat when you go backpacking, or just looking to switch things up, I have some great backpacker food ideas for you in this post!

Recently, I went on a short 1-night backpacking trip in Zion National Park. The video below will show you everything I ate on that trip!

Over the past year, I started challenging myself to make my own backpacking food and try some new snacks. It’s so much fun and I love showing you what I create so you can get inspired in the kitchen too!

Watch this video below to see what food I pack backpacking, and how I prepare it at camp:

Backpacker Food Ideas

Below are the backpacking food ideas I mentioned in the video above!

Backpacking Snacks

I’m all about the hiking snacks! On big hike days, I typically eat a breakfast, dinner, and snacks in-between.

On this hike, I packed beef jerky, homemade trail mix, a protein bar, beef sticks/bars, and tuna packets with crackers.

Right now I love the tuna packets by Safe Catch. They come in so many flavors and they’re a really great source of protein. I love to scoop up the tuna with cheddar crackers for a nice cheesy crunch!


Making your own trail mix is really easy, especially if your local grocery store has a bulk section. I love to pick out a few nuts and dried fruits and toss everything together. So simple, and then you get exactly what you want!

Check out more hiking snack ideas here: 11 Easy Hiking Snack Ideas

Oatmeal is one of the best backpacking breakfast ideas! Click through for more great backpacker food ideas, including a free downloadable cookbook. By Amanda Outside - your source for backpacking tips and inspiration.

Backpacking Breakfast

If you’ve read any of my other backpacking food blogs, you know how much I love to take oatmeal backpacking. It’s such an easy and customizable breakfast option!

I even made an entire free cookbook for you on backpacking breakfast ideas!

You can download it now here:

In the video above, I made a “superfood” oatmeal. I was testing the recipe for an upcoming ebook and it was amazing!

While I don’t really buy into the whole “superfood” thing, I do love the unique flavors in the berries, and it did make for a really interesting oatmeal.

In the free cookbook I mentioned above, you’ll get 4 oatmeal recipes and a granola recipe that are SO GOOD!

Backpacking Dinner

Since getting a dehydrator, I’ve made all my own backpacking dinners.

My go-to backpacking dinner is just a simple spaghetti with sauce.

It’s so easy to make a home and you can never go wrong with a big bowl (or bag) of pasta!

I’m planning to make a video soon that will show you exactly how I do it.

If you don’t have a dehydrator, this couscous recipe is so good, and it doesn’t require a dehydrator.

If you don’t want to bother with making your own, I recommend the brand Good To-Go. I think they have some great meals and they’re all dehydrated, not freeze-dried.

They have single and double serving packets. The single serving is usually enough food for me. Here are some of the meals I like:


I hope you enjoyed seeing what I eat when I go backpacking, and that you have some new backpacker food ideas for your next trip!

What are some of your favorite backpacking meals? Let me know in the comments below!

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Ever wonder what food to pack when you go backpacking? Click through for some backpacker food ideas and a video that shows you exactly what I eat and how I prep it at camp! By Amanda Outside - your source for backpacking tips and inspiration. #backpacking #backcountry #backpackingfood
Need some new backpacking food ideas? Click through to break out of the routine and discover some new backpacking food ideas! By Amanda Outside - your source for backpacking tips and inspiration! #backpacking #backpackingfood #camping
Want some NEW backpacker food ideas? If you’re bored with your current backpacking food, click through for some new options! By Amanda Outside - your source for backpacking tips, recipes, and inspiration! #backpackingfood #backpackingtips #backpacking