Easy and Healthy Car Camping Meal Ideas

Car camping is one of my favorite things to do during the cold Winter months when I don’t do as much backpacking.

And since my boyfriend and I always just sleep in the truck, all we really have to do is pack the cooler and hit the road!

When I go car camping, I always try to bring the veggies along. Simple nutritious food is the goal!

In the vlog below, I share a few of my go-to car camping meals and how I make them.

Below the video, I’ve listed even more car camping meal ideas!


SUPER Easy and Healthy Car Camping Meal Ideas:

  1. Eggs and Sautéed Veggies
    Bring eggs, your favorite veggies and some ghee to cook in. Sauté the veggies in the ghee. Fry or scramble the eggs in the same pan as the veggies.

  2. Kodiak Cakes Pancakes
    Kodiak Cakes makes the best pancakes! All you have to do is add water and start cooking on your cast iron pan!

  3. Salads with Applegate Pre-cooked Chicken Sausage
    This is one of my go-to camping meals. Bring all your favorite salad fixings and a dressing. At camp simply slice the chicken sausage and fry it in the pan. Then top your salad with it and you’ve got a complete meal.

  4. Lettuce Tune Boats
    Mix a can of tuna with your favorite mayo (this is my favorite). Take a piece of romaine lettuce and layer with the tuna and a sliced tomato to make a lettuce-tuna “boat”.

  5. Tasty Bites
    Tasty Bites are tasty! There are SO MANY options. Bring one Tasty Bite per person along with a Tasty Bites rice packet and all you have to do at camp is heat and serve!

Now get out there and enjoy nature!

Peace babe!