Epic 3-day Coyote Gulch Backpacking Vlog

Coyote Gulch is one of the best backpacking trips in Southern Utah!

If you’re looking for some classic Utah red rock walls, arches, and a good water source, this trip has them all.

I took some friends on this trip - one of them had a little backpacking experience and the other was a complete beginner.

Both had an incredible time.

While there are several ways to access Coyote Gulch, the Hurricane Wash Trailhead is the easiest and most popular starting point.

The trailhead is about 33 miles down Hole-in-the-Rock Road just outside of Escalante, Utah.

Check out this backcountry vlog below to get a peak into what it’s like in the gulch!


Pretty epic, huh?

For more specific Coyote Gulch trail information, check out this blog post.


Coyote Gulch Utah Backpacking | Amanda Outside