Homemade and Healthy Backpacking Food Ideas [VIDEO]

When it comes to healthy backpacking food, this post will show you how it’s possible!

While there are a lot of great backpacking meal options nowadays, sometimes you just want to make your own, and have control over the ingredients and quality.

Not to mention, buying backpacking food can get expensive.

On a typical 3 day/2 night trip for Nick and me, dinner alone can add up to about $50 for the two of us.

(If I’m going to buy backpacking food, I really like Good To-Go meals (affiliate link) and they’re about $12 per meal.)

Add in breakfast, snacks, and maybe lunch, and things add up quickly!

Since I do go backpacking quite a bit, I started making my own backpacking snacks and and meals to cut down on the food costs.

All the backpacking meal ideas in this video are homemade with nutrient dense ingredients that will fuel you all day long on the trial.

To see how I pack and prepare all the backpacking food, watch this video first:


1. Peanut Butter Energy Bites

I love making and packing energy bites! They’re such a quick backpacking snack to eat on the move.

2. Nuts and Dried Fruit Mix

Always a classic hiking snack. Hit the bulk section of the grocery store and create your own mix with your favorite nuts, seeds, and dried fruits.

3. Brown Rice Spaghetti w/ Roasted Garlic Sauce

I made this at home in the dehydrator. This is the easiest backpacking meal to make at home, but you do need a dehydrator. If you have one, check out my “Hiking Food” featured story on Instagram for instructions. (I’ll try to make a YouTube video of this recipe soon!)

4. Vanilla Almond Berry Oatmeal

This is such an easy and low-cost backpacking breakfast idea.

For a full video tutorial on how to prep this at home, check out this post on backpacking breakfast ideas.

For a printable recipe (plus other recipes), download my free backcountry breakfast recipe ebook.
(It’s FREE, so why wouldn’t you?!)

5. Ultimate Chewy Peanut Butter Bars

This recipe is from my homemade hiking snacks ebook! It’s one of my favorite go-to hiking and backpacking snacks.

So that’s it for a FULL 24 hours of homemade backpacking meals!

I hope you liked seeing what I eat in a day backpacking.

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see you out there ✌️


These are some homemade and healthy backpacking food ideas for your next backpacking trip!
Healthy backpacking food is definitely possible. Check out some of these delicious homemade backpacking meal and snack ideas.
Ever wonder what to eat on a backpacking trip? Check out these homemade and healthy backpacking food ideas that will save you some money!