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What I Eat in A Day Backpacking [VIDEO]

See exactly what this backpacker eats on a day in the backcountry! Click through for backpacker meal ideas, food planning tips and exclusive backpacking recipes. By Amanda Outside- your source for backpacking tips and hacks.

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How To Plan Food for a Backpacking Trip [Complete Guide]

How to plan the food for your backpacking trip - the complete guide. If you’ve ever wondered what and how much food to pack for a backpacking trip, this post is full of tips and examples on how to do it so you can hit the trails confident. By Amanda Outside - your source for backpacking tips and inspiration.

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Simple Backpacking Food (What I Eat Backpacking)

Looking for simple backpacking food ideas? In this post, Amanda will show you exactly what she eats on a backpacking trip and provide you with some easy backpacking meal ideas for your next adventure!

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