What I Eat in A Day Backpacking [VIDEO]

Ever wonder what to eat on a backpacking trip?

Or maybe you’re in need of some new backpacker meal ideas?

In todays video, I’m going to show you EXACTLY what I eat in a day backpacking. I love making these videos because it gives you a real peak into my backpacking trips, and hopefully helps you plan out your backpacking meals.

This video is a little bit different than some of my other backpacking food videos because it was a relaxing day at camp, not a big hike day.

That means that I ate slightly less than I probably would on a day where I was hiking a lot. It also means that I took more time with my meals. I wasn’t eating lunch on the go.

Check out the video below to see what I packed and how I made everything at camp!

Backpacker Meal Ideas


On this trip, I packed granola cereal for breakfast. I made the whole thing easily at home! The peanut butter granola recipe featured in the video above is from my Backpacker Breakfast Digital Cookbook.

All I did was take the homemade granola and combine it with powdered milk. At camp, you simply add cold filtered water and you have granola cereal with milk!

In this video, I used a reusable bag to pack in the granola and it worked great!

For one of my favorite granola recipes, download my FREE Backpackers Breakfast Ebook below! It’s PACKED with recipes for the best backcountry breakfast you’ve ever had! (And it’s free! Woot. Woot.)


What I eat in a day backpacking - by Amanda Outside. Click through for a backpacking video that shows you exactly what I ate on a recent backpacking trip. #backpacking #backpackingmeals


The lunch I had on this trip was AWESOME!

I packed in:

The hummus was a total experiment, and I think for my first attempt, it turned out pretty well!

I made hummus, dehydrated it at home, packed it into the backcountry, and then simply rehydrated it with filtered water at camp.

I want to refine the recipe and dehydrating process a little bit, but overall, I was really happy with the results.

Backpacking dinner ideas - by Amanda Outside. Click through for backpacking tips and meal inspiration. www.amandaoutside.com #backpackingblog #backpackingfood


This year, I’ve been making all my own backpacking dinners and breakfasts!

This Spring I went on a backpacking trip where everything I packed was homemade, including the snacks! How cool is that!?

I had no idea how much fun it would be to make my own backpacking food. I love experimenting with the dehydrator, learning all about preserving food, and making myself meals in the backcountry that are nutritious and not packed with artificial flavors or preservatives.

I’m putting everything I’ve learned into a “Dehydrating for Backpackers Starter Course”, coming this Spring!

More Backpacking Breakfast Resources

My favorite backpacking dessert - Peanut M&M’s!! I don’t like to eat a lot of candy, but having dessert in the backcountry is awesome, and this is on of my favorites to pack! www.amandaoutside.com #backpacking #dessert


For dessert on this trip, I packed in my favorite candy - Peanut M&M’s!

I try not to eat a lot of candy, but I do have a major sweet tooth, so I like to pack in a backpacking dessert every once in a while!

Nick and I split a pack of M&M’s and it was DELICIOUS!

That wraps it up! I hope you enjoyed the video above. If you have any questions about backpacking food or meal planning, just let me know in the comments below!

See you out there ✌️


Need backpacking meal ideas? Don’t know what food to pack for backpacking? Click through to get some new  (and unique)  food ideas for your next backpacking trip. By Amanda Outside - your source for backpacking tips, food ideas, and trip inspiration! #backpackingfood #backpackingmeals #backpacking
Need backpacker meal ideas? Check out this blog post and video by Amanda Outside to see exactly what she packed on a backpacking trip and get some ideas for your next trip! #backpacking #backpackingmeals #backpackingtips