Citrus Herb Beef Kabobs

It’s grilling season! Whether you’re camping or having a backyard barbecue, these citrus herb beef kabobs are going to be an absolute hit! A simple marinade with citrus and herbs makes for a delicious tender beef kabob that everyone will love.

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If you’re looking for a healthy camping dinner that’s high in protein, look no further. Let’s dive into the recipe!

beef kabobs for a healthy camping dinner

Tips for Making Kabobs While Camping

1) Plan Ahead

For these kabobs, we use a sirloin tip roast. This is a more affordable cut of meat, but it does need to be marinated for 24 hours in order for these kabobs to be tender.

You cannot skip this step.

If you don’t have 24 hours to marinate, use a filet mignon, porterhouse, or rib-eye steak instead of the sirloin tip roast. These cuts of beef don’t need to be marinated as long, but they’re a lot more expensive.

grilling beef kabobs over the campfire

2) Prep at Home

One of my biggest camp cooking tips is to do a little prep at home to save yourself some steps at camp.

As I mentioned above, you’ll need to start marinating your beef 24 hours before you want to cook it.

The night before my camping trip, I like to start marinating the beef. The following morning, I store it in the cooler and cook it on the first night of the camping trip.

For this recipe, I also like to cut my peppers and onions at home. I store them in Stasher bags in the cooler, and at camp, I don’t need to take out my knife or cutting board for this meal!

prepping the veggie kabobs
asssembling beef kabobs while camping

3) Keep a clean workspace

The only messy part about this camping dinner is the kabob assembly at camp. To make cleanup easier, I like to lay out a large piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil.

Then, I assemble the kabobs on top of that. This prevents my workspace from coming into contact with raw meat. Once the kabobs are on the grill, I throw the foil away and wash my hands.

beef kabobs and pepper and onion vegetable kabobs

Citrus Herb Beef Kabobs

Whether you’re camping or having a backyard barbecue, these citrus herb beef kabobs are going to be an absolute hit and an easy camping dinner!
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Servings: 4 servings
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes


Beef Marinade:

  • juice from 1 large orange
  • juice from 2 small limes
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tsp chopped fresh thyme
  • 1 large garlic clove (minced)
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • fresh black pepper

Other Ingredients:

  • 1-1.5 pounds sirloin tip roast (cut into cubes*)
  • 1 green and red bell peppers (optional)
  • 1 red or yellow onion (optional)
  • 1 tbsp olive oil (for the veggie kabobs, if making)
  • sea salt


  • Marinate the beef: 24 hours before you want to cook, mix the marinade ingredients and add the marinade to a sealable container or bag with the beef cubes. Make sure the beef is fully coated in the marinade. Marinate in the fridge or cooler for 24 hours.
  • Assemble the kabobs: Slide the marinated beef cubes onto kabob skewers, leaving a little space between each piece. If you’re using bamboo skewers, make sure to soak them in water first or they’ll burn.
  • Cut the peppers and onions into pieces and slide them onto kabobs skewers. Drizzle with a little olive oil and sprinkle with salt.
  • Grill the kabobs: Place the kabobs on a grill grate over the fire. You want to hear a sizzle when they hit the grill.
  • Cook for about 10-15 minutes, or until the beef is done and the veggies are softened. Flip the kabobs every few minutes while they’re cooking so they cook evenly.
  • Once done, remove the kabobs from the heat and serve immediately. Enjoy!


*These beef kabobs need to be marinated for 24 hours before cooking. This is important for getting a flavorful tender kabob when using a sirloin tip roast. If you don’t have 24 hours to marinate, use a filet mignon, porterhouse, or rib-eye steak instead of the sirloin. These cuts of beef don’t need to be marinated as long, but they are more expensive.
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high protein low carb kabob camping dinner

Kabob Gear Spotlight

The main camp kitchen gear you’ll need for this kabob recipe is:

1) Grill Grate

Most grill grates at campgrounds can be gross, so I usually pack my own. For this recipe, I used a larger grill grate from Barebones Living.

2) Kabob Skewers

I usually use stainless steel kabob skewers because they don’t need to be soaked, and they won’t break or burn over the fire.

Bamboo kabob skewers can also be used, but they do need to be soaked in water for about 30 minutes before use so that they don’t burn. You can use a large water bottle for this when you’re camping.

3) Metal Tongs

Metal tongs are great for flipping the kabobs when they’re on the fire. I also like to pack fire-resistant gloves.

4) Plates

I use these enamel plates and bowls. I love them for camping!

citrus herb beef kabobs on the grill
plate of grilled beef kabobs at camp

I hope you love these kabobs as much as I do! If you have any questions about the recipe, just comment below.

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  1. Hi Amanda, I love watching your YouTube channel and find you so inspiring to get outdoors. I was wondering for your grilling recipes, do you ever freeze the marinated meat. I’m sure fresh is best, however I’m planning a long camping trip and would like to prep as much as possible.
    Thanks for your great recipes
    Sandy x