11 Easy Camping Breakfast Ideas

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This list is packed with my go-to camp breakfast recipes that are both easy and delicious! Mornings at camp are all about relaxing in the sunshine with a hot cup of coffee, right? This blog post will help you do just that!

11 easy camping breakfast recipes by the Amanda Outside camping blog

These are my favorite camp breakfast ideas for lazy mornings including plenty of no-cook camping breakfast ideas and a few one-pot camping meals.

Let’s dive into the list!

11 SUPER EASY Camping Breakfast Ideas

Camping Breakfast Recipes

1. Scrambled Eggs with Toast

Scrambled eggs with spinach and bacon make the perfect camping breakfast

This is a classic breakfast no matter where you are! When camping, all you need to do is scramble some eggs in a pan, toast some bread, and you have a complete meal. I like to saute veggies like spinach, peppers, onion, and mushrooms to add to the eggs, along with some cheese. Bacon is another great addition to this meal. To make things easier, you can cook the bacon ahead of time at home and then chop it up and mix it in with the eggs at camp.

2. The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

This really is the ultimate breakfast sandwich – fried egg, melted cheddar cheese, bacon, green onionswhat could be better? This meal can be made with one pan!

RECIPE >> Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

3. Cereal

Cereal is a great no-cook camping breakfast idea

This is the perfect no-cook camping breakfast. Simply pack your favorite cereal in your pantry food bin and some milk in the cooler. All you have to do at camp is find a bowl to eat out of.

4. Yogurt with Granola

Yogurt with homemade granola and berries while camping

This is another no-cook camp breakfast idea. For this meal, you’ll need to pack your favorite yogurt in the cooler. I prefer full-fat Greek yogurt. Lastly, pack some granola and honey with the rest of your food and all you have to do at camp is assemble. Fresh berries also go great on this breakfast.

5. Pancakes

Protein pancakes for an easy camping breakfast

Pancakes are so easy to make while camping, and they’re great for feeding a large group of hungry campers! My favorite pancake mixes are the ones that have a little extra protein like these Kodiak Cakes.

Don’t forget to pack the maple syrup and butter!

6. Bagel with Cream Cheese

A delicious bagel with cream cheese for breakfast at camp

This is another easy no-cook breakfast option that’s great for a large group. Simply pack your favorite bagels, along with some cream cheese in the cooler. My dream bagel combo is an everything bagel with scallion cream cheese. Yum!

7. French Toast

Peanut butter banana french toast recipe for camping

Who doesn’t love french toast? It’s a breakfast that I remember making all the time when I was a kid and just learning to cook. Classic french toast is always delicious and all you need to pack for that is eggs, milk, cinnamon, and maple syrup.

8. Breakfast Burritos

When Nick and I first started dating, the breakfast burrito was the first thing he ever cooked for me while camping. We once spent an entire week camping in the desert making breakfast burritos every single day and it was awesome! These burritos have all the classics such as eggs, cheese, and hot sauce, but they also have some extras like kale and avocado which really take these burritos to the next level.

RECIPE >> Nicks Famous Sausage Breakfast Burritos

9. Breakfast Tacos

Breakfast tacos are an easy and healthy camping breakfast idea

If you want to elevate scrambled eggs, making breakfast tacos is the way to go! These tacos are packed with peppers, onion, avocado, cheese, and they’re completely customizable.

10. Oatmeal with Fruit and Nuts

Camping oatmeal recipes with oats, coconut, dried fruit and more

When you cook oatmeal over a camp stove with some milk, honey and cinnamon, you get something so comforting and filling. Top with fresh fruit, nuts, maple syrup, coconut… whatever you desire! The combinations are endless. This is a really affordable camp breakfast that will definitely feed a crowd.

RECIPE >> 3 Delicious Backpacking or Camping Oatmeal Recipes

11. Breakfast Quesadillas

Camping breakfast quesadillas with eggs, bacon, and green peppers

Quesadillas aren’t just for dinner anymore! If you’ve never made a breakfast quesadilla before, all you need are eggs, cheese, and veggies or meat of your choice. I love a combination of peppers, onions, bacon, and/or sausage. Use a nice sharp cheddar cheese for the most delicious breakfast!

RECIPE >> Bacon and Pepper Breakfast Quesadillas

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