11 Seriously Awesome Gift Ideas for Campers Who Love to Cook

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Getting to cook delicious meals at camp and share those meals outdoors with friends and family is one of my favorite things in life. Those moments around a campfire or picnic table enjoying delicious food are special. For all the people in your life who love to cook while camping, this gift guide is for them!

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Below you’ll find useful and unique gifts whether your person wants to cook over the campfire or craft the perfect camping cocktail – this list has you covered.

Gift Ideas for Campers Who Love to Cook

1. Dutch oven

camp chef cast iron dutch oven

Cooking with a dutch oven is one of my favorite things to do while camping! A dutch oven will open up a whole new world of cooking opportunities for the camp chef in your life.

Great dutch oven options:

  • Lodge Cast Iron – A classic dutch oven made in the USA!
  • Camp Chef – Great dutch ovens at an affordable price.
  • Barebones Living – These dutch ovens are more expensive, but they have some unique design features!

What size should you get?

It depends. I use my 10-inch dutch oven mostly for baking. I use my 12-inch dutch oven for roasts, stews, and any time I’m cooking for a larger group. Both sizes are great options!

2. GSI Outdoors Rakau Knife Set

This knife set from GSI Outdoors is such a nice and compact gift. I love that all the knives come with protective covers and everything can be neatly stored in the carrying case.

3. Collapsible Food Storage

It’s always nice to have food storage options when camping, but you don’t want Tupperware that takes up too much space.

That’s why I love these Stasher bags or these food storage containers that are collapsable. They won’t take up too much space in the cooler!

4. Cooking Iron

camp chef cooking iron on a grill grate

The cooking iron is such a fun cooking device while camping!

You can make all sorts of meals with a pie iron from desserts to delicious pie iron pizzas! They make campfire cooking so easy and fun.

5. Enamel Camping Plates and Bowls

These are the plates and bowls that I use when camping. They are so nice, but also really durable for the campsite.

6. A Taste of Cowboy Cookbook

This cookbook is full of recipes for the outdoors and at home. The author Ken Rollins grew up ranching and began cooking for cattle ranches in 1993. He also has a YouTube channel!

The book has stories and photos from the ranch too.

7. Insulated Coffee Mug or Wine Tumbler

There are a lot of great options for this gift idea! I use my insulated coffee mug every day at camp and at home. The wine glasses with the lid make it so you don’t have to worry about breaking glass or major spills. An insulated coffee mug is a must on chilly mornings at camp.

Here are some great options:

8. Stanley Insulated French Press

This Stanley French Press is for the coffee lovers in your life. If you like a french press, then this is such a cool french press for camping! Stanley makes durable high-quality gear and I’ve never seen anything quite like this insulated french press.

I will admit, it’s a lot bigger in person than I thought it would be, but for a large group of campers, it would be perfect! Pair this gift with your favorite bag of coffee.

9. High Camp Flask

This camping flask by High Camp is what I got Nick for Christmas this year. Don’t tell him! This is a pricey flask, but I’ve never seen anything like it for camping.

Nick and I like whiskey, so I think he’s going to love using this flask when we go camping!

10. Stanely Adventure Happy Hour Kit

This Stanley happy hour kit is so cool and it’s a great price!

It’s a compact 6-piece set including a shaker, strainer lid, citrus reamer, and 2 insulated glasses. I was really impressed with the design and quality of this. For the camp bartender, this is perfect!

11. Camp Cocktails Book

This Camp Cocktails book is perfect to pair with the happy hour kit or high camp flask mentioned above! This book is full of delicious cocktails you can make when camping with friends and family.

There’s also a chapter on foraging. How cool would it be to make cocktails using the plants and flowers around camp?

Prefer to watch?

See a detailed look at all the gifts for campers in this video:

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