Ice Lake Colorado Backpacking Vlog and Trail Guide

Ice Lake in Silverton, Colorado is one of my favorite hikes to do in Southwest Colorado. 

The first time I hiked to Ice Lake, I did it as a day hike and I totally regretted that decision.

It's far too beautiful for just one day. 

This Summer I did it as an overnight backpacking trip. There where only a couple other people up there and it was so peaceful in the evening and early morning. 

Best. Decision. Ever. 

Photo: Nick Roush Photography

Photo: Nick Roush Photography

We had plenty of time to film some new yoga classes for YouTube, wander all over, hike to Island Lake, draw, relax and enjoy being outside in a beautiful place. 

Photo: Nick Roush Photography

Photo: Nick Roush Photography


I wont lie, it does require some effort to get to Ice lake and it's a little harder when you're carrying a backpack, but I'd say it's totally worth it. 

Ice Lake is one of the best hikes in Colorado. 

Check out all the fun we had in the vlog below. 



  • The trailhead is located at the Mineral Creek Campground North of Silverton, Colorado.

  • The trail to Ice Lake is about 7 miles round trip.

  • This hike is rated as moderate to strenuous. The trailhead starts at about 9,800 ft and Ice Lake sits around 12,200 ft. That's a lot of elevation gain over just a few miles! Be prepared.

  • Once at Ice Lake, you can continue up to Island Lake (recommended) which will add about 1.5 more miles to your total round trip milage. As you approach Ice Lake, the trail to Island Lake will be on your right.

  • Make sure to pack an extra layer or two to stay warm at the top. Even in the middle of Summer, it can be chilly up there.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below!

xo Amanda