Mandala Maps eBook

Mandala Maps eBook

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I first started drawing mandalas years ago when I was experiencing changes in just about every area of my life!

A break-up, a move across states, a new job and a new home. I don't consider myself an artistic person, so I was surprised when I found myself falling in love with the practice of drawing mandalas as a way to work with the changes.

Drawing mandalas was the creative outlet that helped me stay connected to myself when everything was swirling around me.

It's the easiest, most enjoyable moving meditation practice I've ever tried and I created this eBook to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know in order to start drawing them yourself! 

This eBook contains step-by-step instructions on how to draw six different mandala templates that you can use as a starting point for your drawings. I also give you a list of supplies and a mandala meditation that you can use before you draw. 

Join the Mandala Maps community - a creative journey out of your head and into your heart. Let's get to drawing!  

Mandala Maps eBook
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What's Inside:

Part One: Mandalas + Magic

  • Discover why mandalas can be the artistic jump-start you've been craving
  • Learn more about the rich cultural history of mandalas and how they're currently used in art therapy as an effective way to reduce anxiety
  • Find out how mandalas can help if you feel stuck or a bit directionless about the next steps in your life
  • Explore how drawing mandalas can help with stress and self-doubt
  • My own experience with drawing mandalas and how they helped me through a tough emotional time

Part Two: Supplies + How To Draw

  • This part provides the list of supplies you'll need in order to start drawing mandalas
  • Learn a 5-step mandala meditation that helps you relax and connect with yourself before, during and after you draw.

Part Three: The Templates

  • Step-by-step instructions with pictures on how to draw SIX mandala designs


Learn more by joining the free mandala challenge on YouTube!

If you feel emotionally run down all the time and you're looking for a fun practical way to unwind and reconnect with your Self, then Mandala Maps is for YOU!

Questions + Answers

1. I'm not artistic. AT. ALL. Is this ebook still right for me? Yes! Did I say yes? You don't need any "natural talent" to draw mandalas.
2. Is this a coloring book? This is not a mandala coloring book. This ebook teaches you how to draw your own mandalas. (And then you can color them in!)
3. How is the Mandala Maps ebook delivered? This is a digital book. A downloadable link will be sent to you via email after you purchase.
4. Do you offer a refund? No. Please shop mindfully. Take a look at my blog and my YouTube channel. If you like my other content, chances are you'll love this ebook!