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LET IT GO Gentle Yoga Flow YouTube Class

I filmed this yoga class in the forest near Sun Valley, Idaho. After sleeping in my car for the night, I woke up and filmed some yoga in the morning. I love this video because it starts out darker, and by the end, the sun rises and the landscape is so bright! In addition, you can hear the birds chirping and coyotes howling in the background. SO COOL!! Get ready to feel like you're right there with me in the forest.

Outdoor Mandala Drawing Challenge

If you need a little creativity in your life, I've got you covered! Throw some markers, paper and a compass in your backpack the next time you go for a hike, and you've got everything you need to bust out a mountain-top mandala. While I do have an e-book all about mandalas and how to draw them, I also have a free outdoor mandala drawing challenge anyone can participate in! Check out the first video HERE and enjoy this moving meditation practice.



My Life Outdoors - Behind the Scenes

In this video I take you along on my camping trip through Sun Valley, Idaho. We go biking, hiking and film some yoga videos! If you ever wondered how I live out of my car and what I do when I arrive in a place I've never been to, check this video out! Part how-to, part adventure!