I Went Thrift Store Shopping for Hiking Clothes. I’m Shocked by What I Found.

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I love thrift store shopping, but when it comes to used hiking clothes, would I find anything that I wanted to wear? Let’s just say, I was shocked by what I found and wonder why I ever buy hiking clothes at full price…

a stack of used hiking clothes found at the thrift store
hiking clothes I found at the thrift store

Below I’ll show you what I found, how much I paid for it, and some tips for thrift store shopping if you’re inspired to give this a try yourself!

I know it’s easy to find a bunch of workout clothes at the thrift store (Nike and Under Armor were abundant) but I wanted to try and find clothing from outdoor-focused brands that I love!

Watch the full breakdown of how and where I found OVER $600 WORTH of used outdoor clothes in the video below:

I Found $600 Worth of Hiking Clothes at the Thrift Store for CHEAP *I’m Shocked*

To start, I want to note that I live in Utah and there are tons of thrift stores in my area.

The people who live here in Salt Lake City tend to be into outdoor sports, so I think the area where I’m thrifting probably has a higher volume of outdoor clothing than other cities or towns might have.

I found all of this used hiking clothing over about a month. I would pop into different thrift stores if I had an hour or two. Sometimes I didn’t find anything, so it was like a treasure hunt. I had a lot of fun looking for all of these items!

Used Hiking Tops and Baselayers at the Thrift Store

I found a ton of great hiking shirts and jackets at the thrift store. With thrift store shopping, you can find such great deals, and sometimes if you’re not careful, you end up buying things that you just don’t need.

I tried to be picky about the items I bought and make sure that if I bought something, it was going to get a ton of use. In other words, I tried to avoid buying something just because it was cheap.

used hiking clothes found at the thrift store
Thrifted Smartwool Baselayer and Kuhl Vest

Speaking of cheap, the first thing I found was a merino wool baselayer by the brand Smartwool. I’ve purchased Smartwool clothing at full price over the years because I love hiking in wool layers.

When I saw Smartwool, I got excited because a baselayer like this retails for over $100. I bought it at the thrift store for $3. It’s in excellent condition!

Since I was on the lookout for anything made out of wool, I also found a Kari Traa wool baselayer for $12.29. Again, I’ve purchased new baselayers from Kari Traa and I love them. They retail for $120, so needless to say I was very excited to find one for so cheap.

used hiking shirt made of wool
Kari Traa 100% wool baselayer found at the thrift store

I ended up buying two other tops, a T-shirt and a tank top, both by the brand REI. While these are both great tops, looking back, I think I got a little swept up in the deals when I purchased them. They’re not something that I need.

pink and orange REI hiking shirts
REI hiking shirts I found at the thrift store

The pink shirt was $5 and the muscle tank was $2. They still get a ton of use on hikes and at the gym, but moving forward, this is the kind of stuff that I don’t need to buy.

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amanda hiking in used hiking clothes from the thrift store
Kuhl vest found at the thrift store

Used Hiking Vests and Jackets

I looked through a ton of jackets, vests, and outer layers. While I did find a lot of jackets and outer layers that I liked, I only bought two vests. I thought a vest would be useful to have since I didn’t have a good hiking vest.

The first vest is The One by the brand Kuhl and it’s very lightweight and breathable. I love Kuhl clothing and was excited to find this! This is an item that I would buy new because I like it so much. It retails for $120 and I only paid $10.

When I got home I noticed that the zipper was broken, but Nick fixed it for me and now it zips just fine!

used outdoor clothes from the thrift store
thrifted Eddie Bauer down vest

The other vest that I found was by Eddie Bauer. I bought this because it’s a down-fill vest in a classic black color which will be very warm outdoors. It was only $6 and retails for at least $100. (I couldn’t find the exact one online.)

After I found all of these great hiking tops, I needed some hiking pants to round out a complete thrift store hiking outfit, so I went back to the thrift store, this time focusing on pants…

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amanda hiking in used hiking clothing in arizona
hiking in Kuhl Trekr pants found at the thrift store

Used Hiking Pants at the Thrift Store

I have long legs. When I buy pants, I typically buy longs or talls. I thought it would be hard to find something in my size… Well, I was wrong!

I found a pair of Kuhl pants in my size and they are TALLS! I love these pants and was so excited to find them in my size.

I recently bought a similar pair of Kuhl pants at full price at Scheels. At the time, I was debating between two pairs of Kuhl pants for my trip to Ecuador.

The pants I didn’t buy at Scheels are the ones I found at the thrift store. So crazy!

These Kuhl Trekr pants retail for $99 and I bought them at the thrift store for $15. These are such great hiking pants and they’re going to get so much use!

all the clothes I found at the thrift store with the prices

4 Tips for Finding Hiking Clothes at the Thrift Store

If you’re inspired by my thrift store finds, I want to share some tips and things I learned for finding hiking clothes at the thrift store:

1. Look carefully before you buy. Check for any rips or holes and make sure to test zippers and pockets. Luckily Nick was able to fix the vest I bought, but I really should have tested it at the store first. I found a Smartwool T-shirt and got excited, only to later see that there was a big hole in it.

2. Look at the clothing material, not just the brand. I’m always looking at what clothing is made out of because I do not hike in cotton clothes. In general, cotton holds onto moisture, so it keeps you feeling sweaty in hot temperatures and cold and wet if the weather cools down. Instead, I prefer wool. That’s why I was so excited to find those wool baselayers!

3. Look through everything! Often clothes are not organized well. I was looking through all of the tops, not just the sections labeled activewear. For example, the purple Smartwool layer I found was in women’s tops, not women’s activewear.

4. Treat it like a treasure hunt and have fun! You never know what you’ll find!

hiking in arizona in clothes from the thrift store
used hiking clothes I found at the thrift store

Other Ways to Buy Used Hiking Clothes

As I mentioned above, I live in Utah and there are so many outdoor activities around Salt Lake City which worked in my favor when thrifting for hiking clothes.

If you live in an area without good thrift stores or if you don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for used hiking clothes, I would check out Poshmark.

Poshmark has a ton of used clothing and the best part is, you can search for specific brands and filter by your size.

The prices are generally a little higher than the things I was finding at the thrift store, but Poshmark will save you so much time looking, so it can be worth it. 

amanda hiking in arizona in a Smartwool wool shirt
hiking in an outfit I found at the thrift store

What do you think of these thrift store finds?

If you’re willing to sift through a lot of stuff, you can find some great used hiking clothes at the thrift store.

I love the idea of saving money and giving all this clothing new life out on the trails. Happy thrifting!

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