16 Waterfall Hikes Near Salt Lake City [MAPPED]

When it comes to waterfall hikes near Salt Lake City in Utah, there are a lot of options! I put this blog post together to make it easier for you to see all the options and decided on which hike to do. They are listed in order from furthest north to furthest south.

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The map below is intended to give you the general areas that each hike starts.

I know how frustrating it can be to see a list of hikes that you have to look up individually to see where they are. I’ve done all that work for you!

Lastly, at the end of the blog post, I will share my top five!

mt timpanogos lower falls

Things to Know Before You Hike

1) Slippery and Wet Rocks

Unfortunately, many tragic accidents at waterfalls have occurred with both adults and children.

The rocks around waterfalls can be very slippery and easily moved if/when you step on them. Use caution as you’re walking around waterfalls.

2) RattleSnakes

Rattlesnakes are frequently seen on all of these trails. As a good rule of thumb, don’t put your hands or feet somewhere your eyes haven’t seen first.

In addition, don’t hike with headphones. Rattlesnakes rattle as a warning that you’re too close. If you have headphones, you won’t hear that important warning sign.

Lastly, don’t wander off-trail and put your feet in places you can’t see.

3) Be a Prepared Hiker

I say this all the time, but it’s important to be a prepared hiker, even if you’re just going on a “short” hike. I see so many people out hiking with nothing but a plastic water bottle in their hands.

As a reader of this blog, you know how much I stress safety and proper preparedness for every outdoor adventure.

Waterfall hikes near Salt Lake City, Utah on a map

Waterfall Hikes North of Salt Lake City (Ogden/Logan)

1) Waterfall Canyon

Waterfall Canyon waterfall in Utah
Waterfall Canyon
  • Length: 2.5 miles roundtrip
  • Elevation Gain: 1,023 ft
  • Difficulty: short but steep
  • Trailhead: directions

Trail Notes:

The first half of this hike provides no shade as you hike on sandy loose rocks. The second half of the hike is steeper but more rocky and shaded.

This is a unique waterfall. There wasn’t a lot of water when I went in mid-June, but I imagine if you go earlier in the spring, or after a big snow year, there would be more water.

There are lots of other trails in the area, so make sure you pay attention and go the correct way.

2) Lower Adams Canyon Waterfall

Lower Adams Canyon waterfall hike in Logan, Utah
Lower Adams Canyon Waterfall
  • Length: 1.0 miles roundtrip
  • Elevation Gain: 250 ft
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Trailhead: directions

Trail Notes:

This is a short sunny hike in mostly sand to a small but beautiful waterfall. The hike starts off with steep switchbacks in the sand and there is no shade until you reach the falls.

The very end leading down to the falls is steep and rocky for just a few feet. You can do this waterfall as its own hike, or make it a stop on the way up to Adams Canyon Waterfall (#3 below).

There are lots of trails in this area, so make sure you’re paying attention so you don’t go the wrong way.

3) Adams Canyon Waterfall

Adams Canyon Waterfall in Utah
Adams Canyon Waterfall
  • Length: 3.7 miles roundtrip
  • Elevation Gain: 1,263 ft
  • Difficulty: steep
  • Trailhead: directions

Trail Notes:

I loved both the hike and the waterfall! One of my favorites.

The waterfall is such a classic looking waterfall and after the first mile or so, there’s a lot of shade on the trail, which was so nice. This trail definitely got steep at the end though!

Big Cottonwood Canyon Area Waterfall Hikes

4) Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls waterfall in Big Cottonwood Canyon Utah
Hidden Falls
  • Length: 0.2 miles roundtrip
  • Elevation Gain: 171 ft
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Trailhead: directions

Trail Notes:

To get to the trailhead, drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon 4.4 miles and park in the small Mill B North Trailhead parking lot. Once you park, follow the stairs to the right of the sign, cross the road, and follow the water up to the waterfall.

This is a super short walk. There are slippery loose rocks, but overall this waterfall was easy to find.

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5) Moss Ledge Waterfall

Moss Ledge waterfall in Utah
Moss Ledge Waterfall
  • Length: 0.5 miles roundtrip
  • Elevation Gain: 531 ft
  • Difficulty: short but steep
  • Trailhead: directions

Trail Notes:

To find the trail, park at mile marker 7 in Big Cottonwood Canyon (about 5.3 miles up if you reset the odometer at the base of the canyon).

This is one of my favorite waterfalls on the list, but this hike is steep on loose rock. Scrambling and route finding is required.

The rocks were very slippery, both wet and dry.

6) Donut Falls

Donut Falls waterfall in Utah
Donut Falls
  • Length: 1.5 miles roundtrip
  • Elevation Gain: 400 ft
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Trailhead: directions

Trail Notes:

No list of waterfalls near Salt Lake City would be complete without Donut Falls. This is one of the more popular hikes on the list.

It’s a very easy hike leading to a large waterfall. The “donut” part is at the very top of the photo where the falls seemingly disappear, but hiking up to that point is prohibited.

Little Cottonwood Canyon Area Waterfall Hikes

7) Bell Canyon Trail to Lower Falls

Bell Canyon Trail to Lower Falls hike in Utah
Bell Canyon Trail to Lower Falls

Trail Notes:

I would say that this is the most crowded hike on this list. Seriously, it is crowded!

That being said, it’s one of the bigger waterfalls on this list, and it is such a beautiful hike. There are some steep sections on the trail and big rocks to step up, but overall it’s a good moderate hike with great views and a lot of shade.

Unfortunately, I didn’t actually take a photo of the falls, (sorry!) but you can see them a little bit behind me in the photo.

8) Lisa Falls

Lisa Falls waterfall in Utah
Lisa Falls
  • Length: 0.25 miles roundtrip
  • Elevation Gain: 131 ft
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Trailhead: directions

Trail Notes:

This is a super short easy hike up to a unique waterfall.

We got there early in the morning and no one else was around, but I think this is a popular waterfall and it looked crowded later that afternoon.

The trailhead is not marked, but there is an easy-to-follow trail that is mostly dirt and loose rocks. It took us just a couple of minutes to reach the falls.

9) Gloria Falls

Gloria falls in big cottonwood canyon in Utah
Gloria Falls
  • Length: 2.6 miles roundtrip
  • Elevation Gain: 472 ft
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Trailhead: directions

Trail Notes:

Gloria falls is an easy hike on dirt and lose rocks. The waterfall is actually large and beautiful.

The first mile of the hike is on a wide rocky trail. Watch where you’re going because this trailhead accesses several different trails, and the Gloria falls trail is not marked and easy to miss.

Once you reach the split for Red Pine Lake and White Pine Lake, you will follow the Red Pine Lake trail. Once you cross the bridge, you should see a dirt trail on your left that will take you to Gloria Falls.

At this point, the trail gets much steeper and more narrow until you reach the waterfall.

10) Rocky Mouth Falls

Rocky Mouth falls waterfall hike near salt lake city utah
Rocky Mouth Falls
  • Length: 0.7 miles roundtrip
  • Elevation Gain: 239 ft
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Trailhead: directions

Trail Notes:

Make sure you park in the parking lot off Wasatch Boulevard or along Wasatch Boulevard, not in the neighborhood.

Follow the steps up to the road and you’ll see signs for the falls. The hike is short, but steep in sections. Crowded on a Sunday afternoon.

Waterfall Hikes in Provo Canyon

11) Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls waterfall in Utah
Bridal Veil Falls
  • Length: 1.4 miles
  • Elevation Gain: 110 ft
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Trailhead: directions

Trail Notes:

This is probably the most iconic waterfall near Salt Lake City. It is easily seen from the road.

If you prefer to walk, you can park your car down in Bridal Veil park and walk along the mostly paved route, or you can basically drive right up to it. There are lots of accessible ways to experience this waterfall.

12) Upper Falls in Provo Canyon

Upper Falls in provo canyon in Utah
Upper Falls in Provo Canyon
  • Length: 0.6 miles roundtrip
  • Elevation Gain: 324 ft
  • Difficulty: short but steep
  • Trailhead: directions

Trail Notes:

This hike is further up Provo Canyon. It’s a short but steep hike on loose rocks and dirt.

I was the only one there on a Monday morning and really enjoyed this one.

Mt. Timpanogos Area Waterfall Hikes

13) Timpanogos Lower Falls

Timpanogos lower falls in utah
Timpanogos Lower Falls
  • Length: 2.4 miles roundtrip
  • Elevation Gain: 635 ft
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Trailhead: directions

Trail Notes:

This is such a beautiful hike. Epic views, an easy trail (a lot of it is actually paved), and several waterfalls. The best is the Timpanogos Lower Falls with all the beautiful green moss.

You’ll pass a waterfall on your left, but keep going until you get to the next one, that is the official lower falls.

If you want, you can continue hiking up to Mt. Timpanogos, but be warned, this is not an easy hike!

14) Stewart Falls

Stewart Falls waterfall hike in Utah
Stewart Falls
  • Length: 3.3 miles roundtrip
  • Elevation Gain: 650 ft
  • Difficulty: easy to moderate
  • Trailhead: directions

Trail Notes:

This hike was a fun hike up to a huge waterfall. The hike was so crowded, even on a Thursday afternoon, so I didn’t love that, but there was a lot of shade on the hike and beautiful views!

There is a pretty steep descent to reach the falls, so just be prepared to hike back up on your way out. There were a lot of kids and families on this hike.

15) Battle Creek Falls

Battle Creek Falls in Utah
Battle Creek Falls
  • Length: 1.2 miles roundtrip
  • Elevation Gain: 328 ft
  • Difficulty: easy but a little steep
  • Trailhead: directions

Trail Notes:

This is a very popular short hike.

Although it’s short, it is a steep one with slippery loose rocks around the falls.

Lots of young kids on this trail. Overall, not my favorite waterfall or hike, but it is one of the better ones to sit under and get wet if you want!

Waterfall Hikes in Payson/Santaquin (furthest South)

16) Grotto Falls

Grotto Falls in Utah
Grotto Falls
  • Length: 0.6 miles roundtrip
  • Elevation Gain: 170 ft
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Trailhead: directions

Trail Notes:

Grotto Falls is the furthest South from Salt Lake City on this list, but it’s a beautiful hike and waterfall. The hike is short on mostly packed dirt.

If you’re in the Mt. Nebo area, this is a cool place to stop. You can make this into a full day by driving the scenic drive and stopping at the overlooks.

Top Waterfall Hikes Near Salt Lake City

In this last section of the blog post, I want to share my top 5 waterfall hikes near Salt Lake City.

In this ranking, I’m taking into consideration both the hike and waterfall.

The number in parenthesis is the number on this list. For example, Gloria Falls (9) is the 9th waterfall on this list.

My favorite waterfall hikes near Salt Lake City Utah

My Top 5 Waterfall Hikes:

  1. Adams Canyon Waterfall (3)
  2. Timpanogos Lower Falls (13)
  3. Moss Ledge Waterfall (5)
  4. Stewart Falls (14)
  5. Gloria Falls (9)

I hope you got some value out of this blog post. I had a lot of fun going on all these hikes and putting this together!

Which is your favorite waterfall on the list? Chat with me below.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments!

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