15 Minute Gentle Morning Stretch Yoga Class


I just got home from vacation in New Mexico where I filmed this brand new outdoor vinyasa yoga class.

This gentle morning yoga flow is the perfect way to wake up! 

The mornings are my favorite time of day. There's almost nothing better than waking up with some gentle yoga, deep breathing and a cup of coffee. 

This morning yoga sequence was filmed in the Organ Mountains in New Mexico. My boyfriend and I spent two days hiking and camping there. 

Behind the Scenes Notes:

  • It was HOT - like 100 degrees. 
  • We got attacked by "kissing bugs" at night - these flying bugs that look like beetles and are about 3/4 inch long. They're attracted to carbon dioxide and bite around your lips when you sleep. EWWW. We usually sleep in the truck, but since I kept finding them crawling over me, we slept in our tent instead so we didn't get bitten. 
  • I recently hurt my back doing deadlifts at the climbing gym. This gentle yoga class was my first yoga sesh since I hurt my back. IT FELT SO GOOD! 

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