Power Yoga Workout for Toned Arms

If you're looking for a power vinyasa yoga class that will tone your arms, look no further - I've got you covered with this 10 minute yoga class below!

This power yoga workout was filmed in the White Sand Dunes of New Mexico. My boyfriend and I recently took a roadtrip through New Mexico for our vacation and it was spectacular. 

A while back I got a request for a yoga class that strengthens the arms and since it was over 100 degrees on the sand in this video, I wanted to make it quick and effective. 

Get ready to tone IT up with this power vinyasa yoga class! 

If you're into lifting at the gym, this yoga sequence could also be a great way to activate your muscles before you hit the heavy weights. 

I hope you enjoy this power yoga flow and make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for tons more yoga classes and resources for all your outdoor adventures. 

Peace babe!