Relaxing Yoga Flow To Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Back in October, I started a new job, a new relationship and moved into a new apartment. Things were changing fast and it was hard to keep my mind from wandering deep into the future. 

The future is uncertain, and whenever I try to control what I simply cannot control, I feel anxious and my body tenses up. I go further and further away from what it actually happening right now.

Not recommended.

A calming yoga class is the perfect way to stop those anxiety producing thought threads and come back to the current moment.

And it need not be a long class. Even just a couple deep breaths (which we'll do in the class below) have the power to change the chatter in your mind. 

A few other things that always seem to help me reduce anxiety are going for a hike in nature, camping and escaping my cell phone, doing a heavy lift day at the climbing gym, or doing something creative like writing, drawing mandalas, or sequencing a new yoga class for YOU. 

Today's brand new yoga class is a SUPER relaxing flow that's all about gentle movements linked with the breath. 

If you're feeling anxious or nervous about something in the future, try this yoga class for relaxation. 

It's also a great class first thing in the morning and/or before bed. 

Grab your mat, take a deep breath and lets do this!

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