Power Yoga Flow Tone and Stretch

Let me start off by saying that this might be my favorite video yet! 

Not only was it filmed in a BEAUTIFUL location, but it's also a short power yoga flow that has exercises to make you sweat AND deep stretches. 

This class was filmed on a recent backpacking trip in Sawtooth National Forest. Carrying all that extra camera/filming gear was tough, but TOTALLY worth it!!

This class was actually filmed right next to the trail!

My boyfriend and I spent a few hours hiking up and over a mountain pass and my legs were SO tiered, but I saw this spot with a nice flat rock and I knew we had to stop.

After digging my class notes out of my pack, quickly changing behind a boulder and regretting the choice of light pink yoga pants on a camping trip, I was ready to film!

We ended up camping at the lake in the background of this video. Definitely not a bad view to wake up to. 

As always, I hope you find a little time in your day to relax, practice some yoga and take a few deep breaths. You deserve it. 

This power yoga flow is a great class to tone and stretch the body, even if you're short on time. 

Grab your mat and give it a try!

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ALSO, to see behind the scenes from the backpacking trip I mentioned above, check out this behind the scenes video!! SO MUCH FUN! 

Peace babe! 
xo Amanda