Stretches for Tight Hips | Yoga Flow to Increase Hip Flexibility

Stretches for tight hips - who doesn't need this class in their life? 

The inspiration for this week's class came from my own tight hips while on backpacking trips.

When I'm on the trail for hours with a heavy pack, my hips really start to feel the extra weight, and I start craving a hip opening yoga sequence. 

The day I filmed this video, my boyfriend and I hiked out of the backcountry for about 8 miles in the morning and my legs were worked! 

After finding a spot to camp, we had some time to film before dinner, so we ended up wandering around and finding the enchanted forest you see in the video. 

Look at that vibrant green color with the light shining through the trees - SO MAGICAL!  

After your next hike or workout, be sure to try these stretches for tight hips. 

Grab your mat and lets do this! 


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I hope you enjoyed this class! 

As always, you can chat with me in the comments below any of my videos on YouTube. I LOVE reading your comments! 

Peace babe!
xo Amanda